About Sunscape Landscaping

We are a Texas-based company with over 20 years of local ownership providing comprehensive commercial landscaping and grounds services. We are devoted to creating and maintaining beautiful landscapes, ensuring the utmost quality, functionality, and aesthetics.

At Sunscape Landscaping, we understand the importance of consistency and professionalism, and we know that the key to our success relies on our team.

Meet the team that makes it happen

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Nick Seger



Greg Alford

–VP of Operations


Christine Cabrera

–HR and Office Manager


Roxanne Jones

–Business Development
and Sales


Jesse Trevino

–Account Manager


Scott Knussmann

–Account Manager


Patti Buckley

–Account Manager


Chloe Fletes

–Business Development
and Sales


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–Account Manager


Cesar Ortiz

–Production Manager


Henry Orellana

–Production Manager


Carlos Caballero

–Production Manager


Mark Fischer

–Irrigation Manager


Robby Jan

–Branch Manager,
San Antonio


Oscar Montemayor

–Production Manager,
San Antonio


Zeferino Sanchez

–Irrigation Assistant


Terrence O'Connor



Maria Hernandez




–Safety Dummy

To guarantee the quality of our work and identify opportunities for improvement, we implement different methods such as quality audits, site walks, service notifications, proactive enhancement proposals, irrigation reporting, and more.

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Our Vision

When we say we believe in creating opportunities through beautiful landscapes, our vision
is three-fold. We believe in creating opportunities for our clients, our team, and our surrounding communities while implementing solutions that are environmentally friendly.

Our Clients

We create functional and appealing landscapes that adapt to the needs of the business to ensure its ideal operations and success.

Who we serve?


Landscaping is essential for HOAs (Homeowners Associations) because clients are paying fees for the proper maintenance and care of common spaces. A well-managed landscape will have a positive impact on a client’s experience, increasing satisfaction while reducing complaints.

Landscaping can also influence the appeal of a neighborhood and enhance property values. In addition, a well-maintained landscape can also attract potential homeowners.

With our experience working with HOAs, we understand the challenges of managing common spaces. We work together with managers to ensure that everything runs smoothly and clients are beyond satisfied.

Other Commercial Properties:

Landscaping for commercial properties is vital. Landscaping can attract clients with its curbside appeal, impact engagement by creating the right ambiance for people to stay around the property, portray a brand’s essence by integrating elements that speak to the image of the brand, highlight important architectural features by playing with color and textures and contribute to the conservation of energy and water, reducing costs.

We understand what it takes to create a positive experience for clients and tenants, and we will be dedicated to making your property stand out while looking to optimize costs.

Creating opportunities


A landscape that has been thoughtfully designed
and maintained goes well beyond aesthetics.

Benefits of landscaping for commercial properties:

  • Enhanced curbside appeal
  • Improved quality of life for tenants, customers and visitors (natural sights and interaction with nature are scientifically known to reduce stress)
  • Cooler ambiance (temperatures remain cooler in lawns than other types of surfaces such as asphalt or soil)
  • Protection of terrain from water runoff and soil erosion, and breaking down of carbon dioxide (into oxygen and carbon)
  • Greater privacy for the commercial site

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We strive to maintain beautiful and safe communities, one landscape at a time.

Benefits of landscaping for communities.

  • Increased market value
  • Higher integration and interaction in the community (through well-planned and well-maintained common spaces that contribute to healthy community living)
  • Greater privacy
  • Attraction of newcomers


We provide every team member with the ideal environment to grow and thrive.

Benefits for our

  • Competitive pay
  • Growth opportunities
  • Long-term employment
  • Health benefits
  • Year-round work
  • Overtime work
  • Sunscape Landscaping uniforms
  • 401k Retirement
  • Training
  • Vacations and PTO

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